Dreaming of Retirement
Dreaming of Retirement

About Us

We are a group of young professionals with varying areas of expertise, working together for the success of our clients. Our first focus within the industry of life insurance and financial investments began working within the "Senior Market" meaning those persons 65 and over. What we have found is that by investing the necessary time required to understand the very unique and special financial situations of our "Senior Clients", it has opened the door to client families of all ages.

By investing time to understand a prospective client's goals or a client's goals and financial situation, this allows us to design a Flexible Investment Plan for our client's future wherein they maintain control. Many of our clients share the following goals and concerns.

  1. They want to never be a burden on their loved ones.
  2. They want to never outlive their money.
  3. They want to provide for their family or future generations.
  4. They want to support causes that are important to them.

We have all learned through our lives that the sooner you begin planning, the better off we will be. Well, the eventual transfer of your assets is no different. The sooner you begin planning, the more likely you will be assured that your planning has resulted in your dreams coming true.

Take the next stepTake advantage of our combined market knowledge and our experience to create a Flexible Investment Plan that focuses on what matters most to you.

Legacy planning is an integral part of every plan we create. Though few people realize it, putting yourself first should always be the priority of legacy planning. Establishing a legacy involves giving to others and/or providing for others. Yet, you are best able to give to or to provide for others when your own standard of living is secure. Conversely, it is much more difficult to provide for others when your own health and financial situation is uncertain.

In today's challenging and uncertain financial times, the legacy you create and leave may very well be more important to your loved ones than can be imagined by you today.

We will prepare investment plans that:

  1. Allow you to maintain control
  2. Allow you more flexibility
  3. Assist you with financial independence
  4. Provide an income stream that you will never outlive
  5. Provide tax-advantaged ways to provide for your family or future generations
  6. Provide tax-advantaged ways to provide for: friends, church, school, university, hospital or your favorite charity
  7. We can provide the best option for Medicare Supplements within your zip-code
  8. We also can provide some of the most unique and custom Long-Term and Short-Term care products in the market today

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Dreaming of Retirement
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